Food Cellar posts ‘Now Hiring!’ signs at Court Square location

In a sign that Food Cellar may finally be opening soon, construction crews recently posted ‘Now Hiring!’ signs around the 43-10 Crescent Street site. Potential candidates are encouraged to send resumes to for all departments. While no official date has been announced, sources have told The Court Square Blog the grocer is now aiming for an August opening, though Food Cellar has set and missed several opening deadlines already.

In February, Food Cellar tweeted that it was projecting a late-March or early-April delivery.1 When that time period came and passed, another tweet sent out said they were opening in “late spring,” which obviously has not happened.2 When the deal with Linc LIC was announced in 2013, the initial projected date was summer of 2014.3

Food Cellar

These signs pepper the front of Food Cellar

Food Cellar

A view of the front of Food Cellar


4 thoughts on “Food Cellar posts ‘Now Hiring!’ signs at Court Square location

  1. Saw a bunch of dry food products being hauled in this week. Given the shelf life of the products, I foresee a November opening…

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