Signage up for The Learning Center at Arris Lofts

Signage is up for The Learning Center at Arris Lofts located at 27-28 Thomson Avenue. According to signage, families with children six weeks and up are encouraged to apply. Permits for a “CHANGE IN USE FROM RETAIL TO DAYCARE ON FIRST FLOOR” were approved by the Department of Buildings on July 29.1 Here are more details courtesy of the Commercial Observer:2

The company has secured 13,500 square feet of space on the ground floor of the eight-story property at 27-28 Thomson Avenue. The property will include a number of classrooms and an indoor playground. The lease is for 15.5 years. […] The Learning Experience, the first in Long Island City, anticipates it will open its doors within the next year. There are 140 operating child care centers nationwide, with a heavy concentration in the Northeast. Another 64 more centers are in the pipeline.

The Learning Center

Signage is up for The Learning Center

The Learning Center

More signage from The Learning Center


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