Court Square library expansion space appears ready to open

We’ve been tracking the expansion space construction at the Court Square library for quite some time now. Back in March, construction was mostly completed and figured the opening was “imminent.”1 But when we stopped by last week, we saw that, while construction was indeed finished, and there was a signage designating the space as a “Children’s Room,” the lights remained off, and the space shuttered to visitors.

According to an article from LIC Post in April, there are still a few procedural hurdles to the opening:2

The fire alarms still need to be installed and the Department of Buildings has to inspect it before it can open. With the extension, the library will be 3,200 square feet in total, up from its current size of 2,000 square feet.

Court Square Library

A look inside the expansion space

Court Square Library

Signage is up for the Children’s Room


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