Sidewalk shed installed at 42-50 27th Street

On July 2, the Department of Buildings issued a work stop order on 42-50 27th Street because “NO SIDE WALK SHED INSTALLED AT EXP 1 TO PROTECT PUBLIC DEMO OPERATIONS BLDG IS 33′-0″ OM HEIGHT.”1 Demolition of the two-story building has been put on hold since then, but work will likely begin again soon because a sidewalk shed has been installed on the property in accordance with a permit filed with the DOB on July 10 that was approved on the 13th.2

According to permits approved on June 9 by the Department of Buildings,3 a nine-story residential building with a FAR of 4.97 will be built with 32 residential units.4

42-50 27th Street

A shed is up at 42-50 27th Street

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