Work stop order lifted at 27-07 43rd Avenue

Last week, we posted a story on 27-07 43rd Avenue saying that there was a work stoppage order on the site because a sidewalk shed hadn’t been installed on the property, according to the DOB bin.12 With the sidewalk shed complete, the Department of Buildings has had an opportunity to review the construction site and has allowed all activity to resume as of July 29. Activity had stalled for more than a month, but that should change now.

When all is said and done, the building will turn into a 9-story Hyatt Hotel with 108 hotel rooms and nearly 50,000 square feet commercial space.3 According to the rendering, construction will wrap sometime in spring, 2016.

27-07 43rd Avenue

A construction shed was installed at 27-07 43rd Avenue


27-07 43rd Avenue

Rendering for 27-07 43rd Avenue

One thought on “Work stop order lifted at 27-07 43rd Avenue

  1. Despite the installation of the sidewalk protection and the lift order being lifted late July, work has still to commence. Having inspected the grounds through the view spots on the perimeter boarding, nature is reclaiming the ground. Large weeds are growing, indicating no ground disturbance. Yet another development to check out.

    I am not used to seeing developments start with a bang and come to complete standstill. The developer, nor contractor, can make money that way. Having spent over 30 years in construction and property maintenance, I have knowledge on these matters.

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