More help wanted signs posted at Food Cellar as it inches closer to opening

Food Cellar appears to be close to opening.1 No, really. Last week, we stopped by the location and saw new help wanted signs looking for experienced prospective employees in the produce department. And when we peaked inside, it really appeared to us that the long-awaited supermarket was on the cusp of opening. Take a look at the two photos below and decide for yourself.

While no official date has been announced, sources have told The Court Square Blog the grocer is now aiming for a late-August/early-September opening, though Food Cellar has set and missed several opening deadlines already. In February, Food Cellar tweeted that it was projecting a late-March or early-April delivery.2 When that time period came and passed, another tweet sent out said they were opening in “late spring,” which obviously has not happened.3 When the deal with Linc LIC was announced in 2013, the initial projected date was summer of 2014.4

Food Cellar

Construction is nearly finished inside Food Cellar

Food Cellar

The entrance to Food Cellar is stocked with shopping carts

Food Cellar

As the sign says, they’re looking for help in the produce section

3 thoughts on “More help wanted signs posted at Food Cellar as it inches closer to opening

  1. Is there ever going to be an official opening date? Has someone reached out? This has been a pain point for moving to the neighborhood having no feasible option for grocers that aren’t delivery services. I like to chose my own produce, rather than wonder how someone could call something the size of a pickle a regular eggplant.

    On that note, why do things take so much longer to open here than other parts of the city? Bierocracy has been about a ears delay as well!

  2. I tweeted at Food Cellar about 2 weeks ago and they said they were expecting to open within a couple weeks and were waiting on ConEd to inspect and install the gas meter. Of course a couple weeks has now passed without much progress seen. It would be great to get an actual opening date. We should all tweet at them to get some answers!

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