Etto Espresso Bar at 42-77 Hunter Street gets signage

Signage is up at 42-77 Hunter Street announcing the future arrival of Etto Expresso Bar.1 The sign says that coming soon there will be “really… really good coffee,” as seen in the photo below. Construction inside the retail space began in late July and approved permits call for a “PROPOSED EATING & DRINKING ESTABLISHMENT. NO CHANGE IN USE, EGRESS OR OCCUPANCY.” Construction wrapped on the residential spaces in the building in late 2014 and all units are now leased.

We spoke with Frank Zummo last month in an exclusive Q&A and here’s what he had to say about the incoming cafe:2

I want to bring our own innovations to the coffee industry. I just want to be a real coffee house. Not just some typical cafe putting out some generic type of coffee. My coffee is going to come from Glens Falls, which is about 10 minutes out from Lake George. We’re really excited about a couple of new coffees that no one’s really doing in the area. We’re just going to be putting out an amazing product.

Etto Espresso Bar at 42-77 Hunter Street

Etto Espresso Bar at 42-77 Hunter Street got signage

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