Stop work order issued on 42-60 Crescent Street

There’s been no activity over the past few weeks at 42-60 Crescent Street, which led us to poke around the Department of Buildings permit bin to find out why. Turns out, there was a stop work order issued on the site “DUE TO CONTRACTOR WITHDRAWAL.”1 There are three stop work orders in the bin, and an inspection was done as recently as Friday. On site signage calls for a fall 2015 delivery date, but that may not be possible given the most recent incident.

Still, that hasn’t stopped sales from moving forward, with 2B2BA apartments listed at well over $1,100 per square foot on According to the DOB permit, when all is said and done, there will be 44,006 square feet of residential space with 2,309 square feet of ground floor commercial space.2

42-60 Crescent Street

Work has stalled on 42-60 Crescent Street

42-60 Crescent Street

The rendering for 42-60 Crescent Street

4 thoughts on “Stop work order issued on 42-60 Crescent Street

  1. This is a very shady development. I asked the broker about it during the block party, and they said ceilings were 10-20 feet, and there’s a pool. There’s no mention of either feature on the website. It’s also right next to a busy overpass, a dilapidated factory, and looks nothing like the mock up. Buyers are getting fleeced.

    • There’s definitely no pool. Maybe in the lobby. Definitely not in the lobby. I’m not sure what that person was telling you. 10-20 foot ceilings? I hope it comes together. A friend of ours bought a 3BR. It’d be a shame if it stalls-out.

  2. Work may be about to recommence. A large delivery of building blocks were noted, in addition to three Chinese looking operatives, one carrying plans arriving on site.

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