Permit formally filed for 21-16 44th Drive

In mid-August, we reported that construction permits were pre-filed for 21-16 44th Drive.1 We were poking around the Department of Buildings website earlier this week and noticed that the permit was formally filed with the DOB on August 25 and assigned to a plan examiner. The permit calls for an eight story-mixed used build, with 19,989 square feet of commercial space and 19,799 square feet of residential space for a FAR of 3.98.2

The occupancy classification on the permit calls for “HOTELS, DORMITORIES” and there will be 29 dwelling units. Based on a review of the permit, the owner appears to be Amsterdam Hospitality, which has ties to homeless shelter developer Alan Lapes.3

21-46 44th Drive

A view of the lot at 21-46 44th Drive

9 thoughts on “Permit formally filed for 21-16 44th Drive

  1. Where’s the community notification and review for these homeless shelters?!? That’s obviously what they’re going to turn it into. The community board is failing the community.

  2. What is behind this continuous placing of homeless shelters in Queens, when Queens has the second lowest homeless population among the five boroughs? They are bringing into our borough and middle class neighborhoods homeless persons from The Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn. What is behind this covert and aggressive demographic engineering?

  3. This needs to be stopped. Does Van Bramer know about this? Didn’t he just allow another 200 person homeless shelter not too far away, at 40th Avenue and 29th Street!?
    This will really affect the quality of life for Court Square, folks. We need to organize and fight this.

    • Of course he knows. He knows everything. The question is: Does he care? It’s imperative to attend the next community board meeting. I would even take it higher up on the food chain and complain above their heads.

  4. Everyone, please spread the word about this, and lets contact the community board as well as Van Bramer and let them not its NOT ok.

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