Food Cellar says that it’s waiting for ConEd

Food Cellar has been a sore topic for Court Square residents. When the original project was announced in 2013, the target opening date was the summer of 2014.1 We all know that date has long come and gone. Construction on the project didn’t start until late 2014, and appeared to wrap up in August 2015, with the grocer posting help wanted signs on the building.2 But here we are in mid-October now, and Food Cellar still hasn’t opened yet.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation have told The Court Square Blog that the only thing preventing Food Cellar from opening is ConEd turning on the power. But the same sources told us that they’ve been waiting for more than a month now. This was confirmed by a tweet from Food Cellar to an (understandably) frustrated and angry resident earlier in the week.

When will Food Cellar open? At this point, would anyone be surprised if it was in 2016? Sadly, the answer is probably not.

6 thoughts on “Food Cellar says that it’s waiting for ConEd

  1. A very common problem for businesses. Con Ed delayed Fortune Cookie opening on 21st Street several months. Same thing with the laundromat across the street from it. Stores are paying rent, all set up to do business, staffing set, and Con Ed doesn’t give a damn.

    • Foodcellar is going through a tough time right now, a lot of people do not understand that they are paying for all the employees they have hired for the new store, paying rent for both and all the bills. People have to use common sense and really think that they are not benefiting if the Court Sq. location is not open yet. And reading the previous comments, it is a process that takes time, just like anything else you do in NYC. You apply, you send in papers, and wait for ConEd to do some work. They really want to open, more than the residents of the area.

      • French, my guess from your comment is that you work for Food Cellar. You should disclose that if that’s true.

  2. Isn’t this something foodcellar could have prepared for months ago? They finished construction ~3 months ago and started stocking food like 2 months ago. Does it really take conEd that long?

  3. ConEd is awful when it comes to cutting or installing services. They can’t careless if someone goes bankrupt cause of their incompetence.

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