Flying Solo Festival III coming to Secret Theatre

12063293_910498532366244_2114834886670923562_nThe Secret Theatre’s Flying Solo Festival began in April of this year, and featured both seasoned veterans of the stage and rising stars from all walks of life. Now, in it’s final installment of 2015, Flying Solo 3 has more shows, more genres, and more reasons to watch than ever before.

Based in the booming arts community of Long Island City, Queens, Flying Solo has been breaking new ground as the first festival of it’s kind in the borough, and it’s reach has already attracted performers state and nationwide. Our performers, whether fresh off a tour, the NYC Fringe Festival, or making their debut performance, are coming to The Secret Theatre with something to say. Get your tickets now, because it’s better to hear it than hear about it.


Be: Jesus + Drugs = Beauty
“Be” is one woman’s testimony about how God brought her out of the depths of Hell (a.k.a. her drug addiction), and into the Light.

It Ain’t Pretty
When a woman comes to terms with pregnancy, it ain’t pretty.

Wild Child In The City
It is a story so unbelievable, twisted, and smelly that it must be true.


Ripple of Hope: One Teacher’s Journey to Make an Impact
An idealistic drama teacher discovers the obstacle is not the inner city students she must conquer but a troubled NYC school system.

The Bad German
Tessa Kim’s dynamic one-woman show presents a humorous, yet sensitive narrative about a German who moves to NYC and finds herself haunted by her inherited guilt.

The Funeral Of Enerio Lopez
This is a participatory solo piece that explores themes such as love, death, family, sex and how Cuban-Americans will continue to construct their identities as the older generation dies and Cuba continues to be thrusted to the front of the world stage.


‘This Gonna Be On The Test, Miss?’
“I’m not Michelle Pfeiffer; this isn’t Dangerous Minds. Welcome to community college remedial English; it’s my job over the next 12 weeks to teach you what you should’ve leaned over the past 12 years.”

The Boy from Bantay
From his childhood in the Philippines–a Technicolor blur of cartoons and classical music–Jeremy always knew he wanted to be a concert pianist. The Boy from Bantay takes us on his heartwarming journey of self-discovery and growth.

A poignant father/ son story about the fight to preserve innocence in a world of corporate downsizing and school yard bullying.


I Am Hope
A young vibrant girl from Detroit becomes agoraphobic in New York. Will she leave her apartment and make all her dreams come true?
Screw Your Courage!(or The Bloody Crown!)
Witches curse an actress to play the role of Lady Macbeth over and over again until she gets it “just right”.

Do This One Thing For Me
The poignant story of a woman’s self-discovery through her relationship with her father, a Greek Jew who survived Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. Now he just wants to dance with his daughter at her wedding. Not too much to ask, right?

The Real Coyote Ugly
Riffing on the hit 2000 film, “The Real Coyote Ugly” is one part coming-of-age story and two-parts examination of the intersection between cinematic fantasy and reality.


A homeless crimefighter quizzes audience members in hopes of finding a sidekick.

The Hungry Ghost
This is the story of early professional success followed by a complete and comical personal collapse and finally seeking salvation in writing a play about The Buddha.

The Question Of My Virginity
Tessa, a comedian, begins a routine. Her act takes a turn when she begins to tell the story of one particular night; forcing her audience to question its authenticity, and even safety.

The Least Famous Person There
The trials and tribulations of being a working-class Brit with big dreams of stardom and reaching the shores of America.

Browngirl. Bluegrass.
A theatrical and historical look into race, identity, and culture through the eyes of a brown girl from Kentucky.

A dramady about one woman’s quest to find Mr. Right in the world of Tinder, Shakespeare, and the wilds of New York City.

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