Food Cellar to open in Court Square on Thursday, sources say

Food Cellar will open its doors to Court Square residents on Thursday, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation confirmed to The Court Square Blog. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because the date has not been formally announced.

Food Cellar had previously tweeted in late October that it was projecting an early November opening.1

It has been a long journey for the gourmet grocer, who initially projected an opening date of summer of 2014 when it inked its lease with Rockrose in 2013.2 But construction on the project didn’t start until late 2014, and didn’t finish until August. Food Cellar then had difficulties with Consolidated Edison in regards to the power, but that was finally resolved in late October, paving the way for the store to open this week.3

This will be Food Cellar’s second supermarket. Its flagship store is located at 4-85 47th Road in the Waterfront District.

Food Cellar

Crews were seen loading supplies and produce into Food Cellar earlier today

4 thoughts on “Food Cellar to open in Court Square on Thursday, sources say

  1. Part of me feels like this is just one long trick….

    However if true excellent news – I’m sick of walking to Hunters Point

  2. They are stocking perishable food in the refrigerators and there are people precticing in the cash registers… It should be soon!!

    • Yeah. The produce shelves are being stocked as I type this. So it’s definitely coming. Just such a long wait.

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