ENC Market at 5 Court Square to close Nov. 15 as DOB approves permits

ENC Market will close on Sunday, Nov. 15, its owner told The Court Square Blog.  The market is one of three business at 5 Court Square and signs peppered throughout the store are letting customers know about its imminent closure. The other two businesses on hand are Domino’s Pizza and Montessori Kids of LIC.

The closures are the latest casualty of rapid construction in the Court Square area. The two-story building will be demolished, and an 11-story mixed use building will rise in its place pursuant to permits that were approved on Oct. 22.1 The new build will have 73 units with 57,914 square feet of residential space and 4,994 square feet of commercial space for a FAR of 7.97.

The initial demolition permit was first spotted by LIC Post.2

ENC Market

ENC Market will close this week

ENC Market

This sign was seen throughout ENC Market

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