Work resumes at 42-60 Crescent Street

Work officially resumed again at 42-60 Crescent Street after long hiatus. When we stopped by the site last week, we saw a small crew working on the site again. The project stalled out since late July when a contractor withdrew from the site.1

On site signage calls for a fall 2015 delivery, but multiple sources with knowledge of the situation say that spring of 2016 is now the expected delivery date. Sales have proceeded to the sixth through eight floors on According to the DOB permit, when all is said and done, there will be 44,006 square feet of residential space with 2,309 square feet of ground floor commercial space.2

42-60 Crescent Street

Work has resumed at 42-60 Crescent Street

42-60 Crescent Street

The rendering for 42-60 Crescent Street

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