Secret Theatre launches fundraiser campaign

Who are we and why are we making this appeal?

We are passionate about bringing incredible theatre to as many audience members as we can. We are helping to change the cultural landscape in Long Island City and we’re hoping you are passionate about these aims too.

    • The Secret Theatre has been the home to an incredible amount of contemporary and classical theatre, dance, music, children’s theatre and more. More than one person has said that the facility is like a mini-arts center because we either promote or host a broad spectrum of performance arts beyond theatre. Everyone, clients and audiences alike, has raved about the quality of the space in terms of look, accommodation, and atmosphere.
    • Our campaign needs to raise $15,000 to ensure that we can not only put on an incredible 2016 calendar of events but more importantly we need this money to ensure our survival. We have a funding gap. If we cannot fill it there is a real and present danger that we will not be able to continue.
    • From daring Shakespeare interpretations to the debut of the famed Science Fiction Play Series, The Honeycomb Trilogy, to independent and major studio film productions, The Secret Theatre is an essential part of the beating heart of Long Island City.

Click the link to see how you can Keep the Secret.

Secret Theatre Appeal from Richard on Vimeo.


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