Construction fence up at 21-10 44th Drive

A construction fence is up at 21-10 44th Drive, former home of Green Mountain Graphics. The one-story structure isn’t long for this world, with a demolition permit filed in 2015.1 A 7-story mixed used building with 2,710 square feet of commercial space and 16,290 square feet of residential space (16 units) will take its place.

New York YIMBY was the first to spot permits back in March, and here are more detailed they unearthed:2

Igor Zaslavskiy’s Zproekt is listed as the designer, and Leon Rakhlis’s Impex Builders as the developer (though the land sale has not closed, and the site is still owned by the Rockland County-based firm that bought it in 1981). Both the developer and architect are based in Sheepshead Bay, and appear to have worked mostly there and in nearby Brighton Beach (we’ve got a rendering today of Zproekt’s 104 West End Avenue), so this project would be a step up for them in terms of price points.

21-10 44th Drive

A fence is up at 21-10 44th Drive

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