Q&A with L’inizio Pizzeria

Recently, we caught up with our neighbors at L’inizio Pizzeria to chat with them about their restaurant as well as their visions for Long Island City. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Tell us about L’inizio Pizzeria.

L’inizio Pizza Bar serves Roman style this crust pizza – pizza al taglio “pizza by the cut or by the slice,” as well as whole pies. Baked in rectangular sheet pans with carefully chosen ingredients that start with the flour, unique preparation, and long-leavening dough that we slowly ferment for 60 hours at low temperatures. This unique fermentation process means our pizza digests much more easily than other pizza. We believe the flavor and texture of this style of pizza is unmatched and sets us apart from other pizzerias.

We believe our high quality is evident in everything from our space to the pizza ovens and dough machine imported from Italy, the mozzarella and ricotta cheese made fresh daily, to the fresh herbs and vegetables grown in our garden.

We go to great lengths to bring you an authentic Italian pizza that contains the same attention to detail as the pizza from home and create simple high quality recipes always using fresh ingredients – farm to table.

L’inizio Pizza Bar provides a comfortable setting for families and friends to socialize over a great meal, or to grab a quick slice of pizza on the go.

2. Why did you select Long Island City as the place to open your pizzeria?

As a longtime resident of Long Island City and a well established Real Estate Broker, I had a clear and vivid vision of what I believed would enhance this wonderful and thriving neighborhood. So when the opportunity for the space became available I felt it would be great to move forward with my vision and created L’inizio Pizza Bar.

3. How has it evolved since you opened?

  • We added wine and beer and multiple HD TV screens so our customers can watch their favorite sports team.
  • We opened our backyard,vegetable garden, which is a huge hit.
  • We hosted many parties ranging from children to adults birthday, baptism, communions and holiday parties etc.
  • We added many more of our Signature Pies
  • Added our delivery service
  • We are building a strong customer following with the community

4. What plans do you have in the future for the space?

  • Expand our catering menu
  • Offering brunch in the near future
  • Advertise pizza making classes as well as Wine and Beer tastings

5. Have you thought about opening other restaurants?

We are currently in the process in seeking out a couple of other locations to expand.

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