RESOBOX Japanese Cooking Workshop Series : Daishi (Japanese Soup Stock)

Instructor: Mitsuru Kita

Date & Time: Sunday, Feburary 21, 2016 ◆ 10:00am – 12:00pm

Class Fee: $30 (all materials included!)

Dashi (Japanese soup stock) is simple and savory broth that is essential to many Japanese dishes. Made with a combination of dried bonito flakes and dried kelp, these natural ingredients create a delicious umami flavor to your favorite Japanese dishes.

In this workshop led by instructor Mitsuru Kita, you will learn how to make delicious dashi. After learning the basic dashi recipe, you will use the dashi to help make miso soup and green pea rice. Miso Soup and Green Pea Rice are popular dishes that are staple in Japanese homes. With this easy-to-learn meal, you can bring the taste of Japan to your home!

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