Construction crews work on plywood fence at long dormant 24-19 Jackson Avenue site

We were walking past 24-19 Jackson Avenue over the weekend when we saw a construction crew working on the plywood fences inside the area. Could it be, that after permits were approved for 35-story hotel back in 2009,1 that construction was finally started?

Sadly (or maybe not so sad depending on what side of the line you fall on), no. Turns out, there was a complaint filed with the DOB for a “FENCE DEFECTIVE APPROXIMATELY 40 – 50 LINEAR FEET OF FENCING COLLAPSING AT REAR OF JOBSITE” that they were cleaning up.2 As it stands, the site is one of the longest undeveloped fenced in areas in all of Court Square. The most recent activity on the site is a permit approved for a construction fence in August, 2015.

24-19 Jackson Avenue

A look at 24-19 Jackson Avenue

24-19 Jackson Avenue

This permit is the most recent activity on the site


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