Iseman thankful that Wedlocked now a hilarious ‘historical’ comedy

Wedlocked was one of the films in the LGBT short stack that screened last week at The Secret Theatre as part of the Queens World Film Festival. Here is a quick blurb about the film:

Set before the SCOTUS ruling of June 2015, Wedlocked is a farcical comedy taking on the ridiculous laws that governed gay divorce. Sydney & Cameron are a happily engaged couple who are looking forward to their big day. There’s one obstacle; Sydney is still married to Lisa, and as their home state won’t recognize their marriage, a divorce is impossible.

Ally Iseman, who was one of the costars of the film, also produced it. She had this to say after the screening of her film:

My sister is Puppet, our director, and she was telling my friend Christine (Moore), who is the producing partner on the film (you may recognize us from the band), she was telling us about a situation a few of her friends were in, wedlocked. We were just listening to this, and so shocked that we had never heard of it. And realized that the story needed to get out there. We’re filmmakers. We’re actors. We can do that.

So through a long series of independent film making events, we made the film. As we went along, we realized how many people didn’t really know what was going on, and it was kind this black-sheep topic of the whole marriage equality discussion. No one was really talking about it. No one really knew about it. And there were these horrible situations going on all over the country. Internationally, actually.

Luckily the film became a hilarious historical comedy. The reason we are glad we still get to go around with this film is because, unfortunately, the media doesn’t always get the whole scope of a story. So just because a very pivotal law was passed last year, doesn’t mean everything is perfect now. So I invite you to alaways investigate yourself. Look beyond the headlines. And that’s why our film exists.

Be sure to check out more about Wedlocked on its website.


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