Ludgate made film ‘With Love’ to show inspiration, and to inspire others

With Love was one of the films screened at the 2016 Queens World Film Festival during its LGBT short stack block at The Secret Theatre earlier in the week. Here’s a quick synopsis on the film:

A unique and inspirational vérité love letter doc that gives a first-hand look into NYC’s historic secular grass-roots organization, God’s Love We Deliver, which began delivering nutritious meals to a neglected community at the height of the AIDS crisis and then snowballed into a non-profit organization that improves the lives of thousands suffering from a variety of illnesses with food as medicine and the kindness of human spirit.

After the film was screened, director Christopher Ludgate spoke about his inspiration for making the film:

What inspired me to make the film derived from the inspiration that I got from working at the organization myself. I’ve been a volunteer since 2002, and I got involved because it was an organization that actually needed people. It began as a response to a community that was suffering. A community that did need people, but couldn’t actually speak out at the time.

It made me feel like I could be of use, and so whenever I would volunteer, people would ask, what is God’s Love? What does it deliver? Is it religious? What exactly do you do as a delivery person? Is it just delivering food? It’s really not. It’s something that I continued to do because it inspired me. So after a few stories, and talking to people about it, let me put something out there that’s going to inspire people, and to tell the story of what God’s Love is. It inspires you to go out there and do good things, and surround yourself with great people.

Be sure to check out more about With Love on Ludgate’s website.

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