Innovative Origami Exhibition Coming to RESOBOX

Innovative Origami Exhibition

Artists: Sam Ita | Adrienne Sack | Paul Frasco

Exhibition Duration: April 4 to April 28, 2016

Opening Reception: April 8, 2016 ◆ 7:00 – 9:00 PM | FREE ADMISSION

Exhibit Overview

Best known for making Pop – Up comic books, Sam Ita wdragonas asked by emerging Italian publisher, Nui Nui, to create a series of origami books, beginning with paper planes.
After much initial struggle, he was able to come up with unique, yet easy to fold designs. His method relies on clear, intuitive diagrams, and colorful, printed crease patterns. Tuttle Publishing acquired US rights to the book, and released it in the beginning of 2016 as “Next Generation Paper Airplanes Kit.”

Continuing the series, he collaborated with 2 other young, innovative origamists; Jewelry and Fashion designer Adrienne Sack; and Dragon Aficionado and Champion Pumpkin Carver, Paul Frasco. Their subsequent titles are “Fashionable Paper Hats”, and “Flying Dragons fire–breathing paper aircraft,” respectively. These books will hopefully be available in the US, as well.


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