Law office at 26-23 Jackson Avenue relocates

An immigration law office located at 26-23 Jackson Avenue closed over the weekend. A sign hung in front of the retail space said that the law firm had moved to 37-43 Crescent Street, which is north of Queens Plaza.

The law office was one of the last remaining holdouts on a row of Jackson Avenue retail spaces that Rockrose owns. The only remaining business from the previous era is a rubber supply store on the corner of Jackson Avenue and 43rd Street.

No word yet on what the space will turn into.

26-23 Jackson Avenue

This sign was displayed in front of 26-23 Jackson Avenue

26-23 Jackson Avenue

A view of 26-23 Jackson Avenue

4 thoughts on “Law office at 26-23 Jackson Avenue relocates

    • It’s actually my understanding that Rockrose is planning to keep them there to act as retail.

  1. Didn’t the USCIS office close over there? It would make sense that that location was also less important for the immigration law firm now.

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