Shinto Dance Performance at RESOBOX on Sat. June 18 at 7:30 p.m.

Shinto Dance – Tsukushi-Mai (in collaboration with the Vortex Exhibition)

Date & Time: Saturday, June 18, 2016 | FREE ADMISSION

Session 1 ◆ 7:30 PM

Session 2 ◆ 9:00 PM

Location: RESOBOX Gallery (41-26 27th St, Queens, NY 11101)

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About Miyajidake Jinja

Miyajidake Jinja

The northern Kyushu region located in the south of Japan has taken on an important role as a base for promoting centuries-old Japanese culture and traditions in countries around the world.

Miyajidake Jinja is known for its royal mounded tomb that was built in between the 4th and 6th centuries. More than three hundred various artifacts were discovered in the tomb, bearing the proof that Miyajidake Jinja and northern Kyushu region had made during that time a number of cultural exchanges with Oriental cultures. It is also said that the artifacts were meant to be given to the king of the land and to show his wealth and power.

Tsukushi-MaiMiyajidake Jinja

Tsukushi-Mai, the Shinto dance that arrived and developed in northern Kyushu region some 1,900 years ago, has been passed on to the Azumi, an ethnic group known as a maritime people. The dance reached Japan through the Silk Road in China from the western world. You can see some elements and features that insinuate the sense of western cultures. The dance is also considered the root of Japanese entertainment culture, Nou and Kabuki.

Chief Priest Yuzuru Kiyomi

To Yuzuru Kiyomi, the chief priest of Miyajidake Jinja, it is his lifelong mission to show the world the Shinto culture and appreciation for nature by performing Tsukushi-Mai. Following his 10-year professional career in New York in the 1990s, he has performed Tsukushi-Mai to audiences in the United Nations and Brooklyn Botanic Garden in 2014. This year at RESOBOX, a Japanese cultural center in Brooklyn, Yuzuru Kiyomi and his team will perform the dance featuring the exhibition of Yuki Ideguchi’s artistic work.

We are happy to provide you with this opportunity to let you witness the collaboration of art by Yuki Ideguchi and Tsukushi-Mai that is rooted in traditions dating back to some 1,900 years ago.

Shinto Dance Performance

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