Court Square Civic Association launches Facebook page

Thanks to friend of the blog Amadeo Plaza, who alerted us to the launch of the Court Square Civic Association’s Facebook Page (log in required). The organization initially organized in February, 20161 and its mission is to “Champion and facilitate the holistic development of the Court Square neighborhood through community collaboration and civic participation.”

Here’s more from our Q&A with Plaza, who is the president, from earlier in the year:

I think of all “micro hoods” in LIC, Court Square had the biggest blank slate. The LIC arts scene has always been incredibly strong, and I objectively believe its heart beats in the Court Square area specifically. But there were also a lot of empty warehouses, taxi parking lots, and the like. It’s an area that’s really starting to come into its own, and I want the civic association to be there to foster a sense of community that is often forgotten in New York City neighborhoods.


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