Plywood fence up at 21-16 44th Drive

Back in October, we reported that construction permits were formally filed for 21-16 44th Drive.1 Back then, the space had a chain link fence. When we stopped by last week, we saw that the chain link fence had been taken down, and a plywood fence had been put in its place. Permit call for an eight story-mixed used build, with 19,989 square feet of commercial space and 19,799 square feet of residential space for a FAR of 3.98.2 However, there has not been any new activity on the permit since December.

The occupancy classification on the permit calls for “HOTELS, DORMITORIES” and there will be 29 dwelling units. Based on a review of the permit, the owner appears to be Amsterdam Hospitality, which has ties to homeless shelter developer Alan Lapes.3

21-46 44th Drive

A plywood fence is up at 21-46 44th Drive

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