Before-and-after slideshows of construction in Court Square

Recently, our friends over at Rent Cafe created before-and-after slides showing Long Island City’s ever-changing cityscape. The ones that are related to Court Square are below. Here’s a description from their website:1

Known for its thriving arts scene, lush waterfront parks, and diverse crowds, Long Island City (LIC) has experienced significant growth in the recent years. The rapid gentrification has turned the area into one of Queens’ most vibrant neighborhoods, with new residential towers, office skyscrapers, and mixed-use buildings pushing Long Island City’s skyline to new heights. With the help of Google’s Street View, RENTCafé has traveled back in time and pinpointed some of the most amazing developments that helped reshape Long Island City.

Linc LIC:

Two Gotham Center, 27 on 27th

The Pearson Court Square

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