Court Square Civic Association to hold inaugural meeting Sept. 29

Friend of the blog and President of the Court Square Civic Association, Amadeo Plaza, told The Court Square Blog that the first community meeting will be on Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. at MoMA PS 1 located at 22-25 Jackson Avenue.

The event will feature a panel discussion including Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, Paul Januszewski (Vice President of Planning at Rockrose) and Penny Lee (City Planner for Long Island City). The mission of the association is to “Champion and facilitate the holistic development of the Court Square neighborhood through community collaboration and civic participation.”1

“We’re really excited about our first community meeting, and have a pretty interesting line up of government officials and business leaders to talk about community development, and more specifically, the opportunities and challenges that Court Square faces,” Plaza said in an email to The Court Square Blog.

“The many subway lines that pass through our neighborhood have come to define the area; both in the eyes of developers looking for a good investment, and new residents seeking convenience. And although Court Square is rich in transit options, it’s so much more than just a subway stop. It’s a community that’s also rich in culture and ideas for how the area should grow. Ideas that, to this point, have gone unheard. We’re thrilled to finally give those voices a platform.”


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