Rockrose plants cherry trees adjacent to Linc LIC

Over the weekend, Rockrose construction crews planted a block of 10 cherry trees in sidewalk planters along 43rd Avenue between Crescent and 24th Streets, adjacent to Linc LIC.

Each of the 10 planters will have a Kwanzan cherry tree which will provide pink blossoms in the spring.

“We are excited to add 10 new cherry blossom trees to a block of Court Square that previously had no greenery. When Rockrose constructed Linc LIC we were frustrated that we couldn’t plant sidewalk trees due to subsurface conditions, such as underground utilities,” said Paul Januszewski, Vice President for Planning for Rockrose.

“NYCDOT recently gave us permission to install the planters along this block, after we agreed to pay all installation costs and assume ongoing maintenance responsibility. We’ll continue to work with NYCDOT to add much needed greenery and public space to this booming neighborhood.”


Cherry Blossoms are now installed at Linc LIC

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