SP Plus Parking opens at 22-22 Jackson Avenue

An SP Plus Parking has opened at 22-22 Jackson Avenue.1 Signage has appeared in front, advertising a $7.25 all-day parking special. More information can be found on its website, or by calling (929) 328-0248. Here are its daily rates:

Daily Rates

Type Rate
Up to 1 hour $12.90
Up to 2 hours $15.00
Up to 10 hours $18.20
Up to 24 hours Max $26.80
All Day Special Park Up To 12 hours $8.60
  • Standard rates include tax
  • Rates are subject to change
22-22 Jackson Avenue

Signage has appeared at 22-22 Jackson Avenue

22-22 Jackson Avenue

Parking is on the south side of the building

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