A wine and liquor store appears headed for 44-80 21st Street

44-80 21st Street, already home to a Dunkin’ Donuts,1 appears to have another tenant for its second retail space. We were walking by the location over the weekend when we saw the below notice for LIC Wine & Liquors, Inc. Nothing has been filed with the DOB, yet, but we will let you know when it is.

44-80 21st Street

A view of 44-80 21st Street

44-80 21st Street

This notice appeared at 44-80 21st Street

6 thoughts on “A wine and liquor store appears headed for 44-80 21st Street

  1. Interesante. I knew a guy who wanted to open an Italian sandwich shop there. But he said that the guy who owns Dunkin’ Donuts wanted some obscene amount of rent money for the spot next-door. Didn’t realize wine/liquor store business was particularly lucrative.

  2. A little history, before the dunkin donuts there was a great deli that took up the entire space. I live in the building and the landlord wanted so much money that the owners of the deli decided to close. As a result the space sat empty for over a year lose to two I believe. I know someone who looked at it as a possible place to open a pizza lace but the rent was too high. So that’s how we got a dunkin donuts in half the space. Not sure why we need another wine and liquor store. I do know that the space is weird and part of the reason it has taken so long to rent.

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