Pipe scaffolding up at 27-49 and 27-51 Jackson Avenue

We last checked in at 27-49 and 27-51 Jackson Avenue in January, when abatement had started on the two buildings.1 When we were walking by last week, we observed that pipe scaffolding has been installed on the building, pursuant to a permit approved by the Department of Buildings back in September.2

The buildings formerly held a fortune teller and a deli on the ground floors, and are sandwiched between a rising Aloft Hotel and an Uber. Nothing has been filed in the DOB bin in regard to what the buildings will turn into, but it will likely be a mid-rise, mixed-used building based on the other buildings going up on the block.

27-49 and 27-51 Jackson Avenue

Pipe scaffolding is up at 27-49 and 27-51 Jackson Avenue

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