Stop work order issued at 27-49 and 27-51 Jackson Avenue

We last checked in at 27-49 and 27-51 Jackson Avenue in December, when we saw that pipe scaffolding had been erected on the site.1 When we were walking by last week, we observed that progress has stalled on the building because of a work-stop order. According to the DOB bin, “STAIR TOWER PARTS & SIDE BRACKETS NOT SECURED, SCAFFOLD INSTALLATION DOES NOT CONFORM TO APPROVED PLAN.”2

Here’s more details about the site from New York YIMBY:3

The 34-unit project would stand on what is possibly the city’s single hottest development block, where six different projects are under construction or in planning. Lions Group is the developer. Building permits list Vincent J Tomasino of Jackson Bounty LLC as the owner. The project’s residential component would measure 31,996 square feet, resulting in units averaging 941 square feet. The ground level would house 1,555 square feet of retail.

27-49 and 27-51 Jackson Avenue

A view of 27-49 and 27-51 Jackson Avenue

27-49 and 27-51 Jackson Avenue

This work stop order appears on the site

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