Eleventh Street Arts presents “Art of Architecture” – Opening March 2, 2017

Eleventh Street Arts is pleased to announce the new exhibition, Art of Architecture. The group show will present 50 exquisite drawings and paintings from 15 of today’s top classically trained architects and artists; proof that the once thought extinct classical tradition is alive and well. Opening Reception Thursday, March 2, 2017.

The centerpiece of this exhibition is a hand drawn collection of exquisite elevations, plans and original designs courtesy of the architecture firms of Atelier & Co., Peter Pennoyer, Ferguson and Shamamian, Michael G. Imber and Charlotte Worthy. Details of a vibrant architectural language are revealed in each drawing through the delicate use of translucent layers of wash and mindful drafting.

Russian artists, Irina Shumitskaya and Anton Glikin, delight the viewer’s eye with their beautiful drawings executed with sensitivity to the wash rendering technique rarely seen today.

Excellently composed elevations and analytiques by David Genther, Andrew Dodson, and Steve Bass remind viewers of the human connection to classical architecture and its exquisite ornament.

Complementing the exhibition are watercolor studies of exemplary architecture and design from Niki Covington, Corey Strange and Abigail Tulis, all alumni of the Institute of Classical Art & Architecture’s Beaux-Arts program. Their efforts reveal the importance of historical precedent and its contribution to great design.

Fine artist Anthony Baus, instructor at the Grand Central Atelier, exhibits paintings and drawings of the ancient world set within an ephemeral architectural landscape.

Eleventh Street Arts will also be hosting two lectures, free and open to the public. The first is a lecture on “Type Talk: The Essential Structure of Our Roman Alphabet” with Seth Weine on March 9th. The second is “Hand Drawing for a House Design: Some Aspects of Process and Composition” with Sam Roche. Lectures are 6:30-7:30 PM.


Irina Shumitskaya courtesy of Atelier & Co., “Stair Hall”, 22” x 30” watercolor

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