Burnt Popcorn: A short about transitioning to adulthood

Burnt Popcorn was one of the films that screened at the “Begin Again” block at the 2017 Queens World Film Festival. Here is a synopsis of the film:

When a naive young woman is reluctant to break away from an unfulfilling dating situation, her father convinces her to handle it in an extreme way and complete her transition to adulthood.

After the screening, director Rafael De Leon Jr. talked about his motivation for making this film:

I just wanted to do something centered on a notion that parents would do anything for their kids. But at some point, the child needs to start doing things on their own instead of having the parents do everything for them. I feel like that’s something that most, if not everyone, feels like they can relate to. So I wanted to do something centered around that.

Read more about Burnt Popcorn on its website and also on its Facebook page.

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