Campo: Mother’s work at convalescent homes inspired Swiss Cheez Brain

Swiss Cheez Brain was one of the films that screened at the “Begin Again” block at the 2017 Queens World Film Festival. Here is a synopsis of the film:

Getting texts from a sock puppet can be unsettling.

After the screening, director Pat Campo talked about his motivation for making this film (WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW):

My mom volunteers for a lot of convalescent homes back in Los Angeles and I’ll help her sometimes. She’ll do music and I’ll play background guitar for her. I talk to a lot of the patients and a lot of them do have early onset Alzheimer’s.

A lot of them say they have horrible lives and what I expressed is less extreme of what they go through. A lot of them will say that “I can’t wait to forget that shit. I’m done with it.” But there’s 50 percent of them that will say, “I have a horrible life but I really don’t want to forget about it because that’s who I am, that’s my identification.” I tried to express that in film. That was the inspiration.

Read more about Swiss Cheez Brain on its Facebook page.

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