QWFF: Bluebeard explores limits of intimacy in relationships

Bluebeard was one of the films that screened at the “Cheaters” block at the 2017 Queens World Film Festival. Here is a synopsis of the film:

BLUEBEARD is a modern adaptation of the French fairy tale with the same name, and follows one night with a woman who has recently moved into the home of her partner. This dark short explores the unknown space between intimacy and sexuality, and asks questions about the limits of knowledge within a partnership.

After the screening, director Rachel Garber Cole. Here’s what she had to say about the film:

There’s a lot of different versions [of Bluebeard] about a woman who gets married to this mysterious man in a big house. He goes away for a weekend and he says, ‘Here are all of the keys to all of the rooms in this big house. Invite your friends. Have a big party, but don’t open up the room that can be opened up with this key.’ And of course she opens up the room and she finds the bodies of all of his former wives. He comes and in all of the different versions she escapes. In one, she turns into a bird and flies away, which is where the bird imagery came from.

I had been interested in this story for 10 years in regard to the exploration that you can’t really know somebody. It’s about the limitations of intimacy and how far into someone’s psyche can you go? [The main male character is] not a serial killer, but it’s about the limitations of intimacy and going inside darker parts of your partnership.

Read more about Bluebeard on its website.

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