QWFF: Q&A with Blake Rice of To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern, a short narrative was screened at The Museum of the Moving Image on Sunday afternoon as part of the Cheaters thematic block. Here is the movie description: “At a chic Manhattan gallery opening, a young woman is startled to discover she bears an alarming resemblance to the subject of the photographs on display. Over the course of a single evening, she explores both the city and herself in search of the truth behind the mysterious picture she can’t remember taking.”

Afterward, we caught up with director Blake Rice, and here’s what he had to say on his film:

The Court Square Blog: Tell us your inspiration for the film.

Blake Rice: I wanted to see the female lead make an unpopular choice and be unlikable at the end of a film. To show something, and you’re thinking classic heartbreak, classic breakup, woe is me, gut-wrenching stuff. I wanted to do something against the grain.

TCSB: Tell us more about the painting she saw at the start.

BR: We used this picture that she’s the picture, she’s the subject in, and you don’t see it. I used it as a mirror for her seeing herself for the first time. I wanted to have that perspective as someone who doesn’t have the balls to look at herself, pun intended.

TCSB: This movie seems more like the real world at the end. It isn’t just a typical movie ending.

BR: At the end, I just felt that some people out there that can’t handle the bad stuff they’ve done. At the end with a neat bow, happily ever after. Sometimes in the real world when bad things happen to people, we slowly walk away. They don’t always confront their problems.

Be sure to check out more about the movie on its website.

To Whom It May Concern Trailer from TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN on Vimeo.

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