Van Bramer releases participatory budgeting with 18 projects

Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer unveiled the official ballot for the 26th Council District’s third year of Participatory Budgeting. After months of discussion and engagement throughout the 26th District, community members, in partnership with city agencies, developed, refined, and decided on 18 projects from hundreds of ideas. Beyond the 10 in-person voting locations, for the first time in Participatory Budgeting history, community members will be able to vote online.

“After months of hard work, community members in Sunnyside, Woodside, Astoria, and Long Island City, narrowed down hundreds of ideas to 18 exceptional projects that will improve our quality of life,” said Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer. “Each and every one of these projects—from new school bathrooms to bus time countdown clocks—are worthy of funding and would be great additions to our community. I’m proud to say for the first time in Participatory Budgeting history, everyone in District 26 will be able to vote online, making it easier than ever to vote.”

Community members over the age of 14 can vote for up to 5 projects on the ballot to determine where over $1 million will be allocated. Projects range in cost from $80,000 to $1 million. Voting will take place from March 25th to April 2nd.

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