Construction finishes for LIC Pilates at 12-17 Jackson Avenue as website goes live

Earlier in March, The Court Square Blog reported that LIC Pilates had set an opening date of April 4 at 12-17 Jackson Avenue.1 The website is now live and taking reservations for classes at There was also a new photo posted to the LIC Pilates Facebook page showing that construction had completed in the studio, as seen below.

“LIC Pilates is a classical Pilates studio, providing exceptional classes and privates to the local community all while in a warm, relaxing and welcoming environment,” owner Adrianne Yurgosky said to The Court Square Blog. “We are excited to be a part of LIC because of its vibrancy and amazing community. We love that it has an ‘everyone knows your name’ feel while surrounded by delicious, trendy restaurants, arts and sights.”

12-17 Jackson Avenue

A look inside LIC Pilates

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