Cosmic Fit Club at 21-36 44th Road aims not to be ‘a typical gym’

Earlier in the month, Cosmic Fit Club opened at 21-36 44th Road in Court Square. We sat down with the co-founder of the studio, Joy Chen, to learn more about the new space. Here’s what she had to say:

The Court Square Blog: Tell us the philosophy behind Cosmic Fit Club.

Joy Chen: The philosophy behind Cosmic Fit Club is to be playful and futuristic in our approach to fitness. We’re not a typical gym. We cultivate the feel of a small studio within an expansive large space with 20′ ceilings, skylights, mirrors, and special lighting effects. Our creative class programming centers around a variety of movement disciplines that require no special machines and can’t be found anywhere else. Our philosophy is that your body is your best machine and to this end, we’ve built a cool space where adults can “play” as they “train” and where we can teach members and guests how to explore the universe of their own bodies through playful, functional movement, to experience new worlds through special workshops & events and become stronger, more balanced and fit!

TCSB: What else does Cosmic Fit Club offer?

JC: Cosmic Fit Club offers ~30 small group fitness classes a week in a range of disciplines including core conditioning, calisthenics, yoga, blacklight yoga, acroyoga, acrobatics, handstands, kettlebell training, strength training, personal training, gymnastics, dance and more. Our classes are taught by some of the most experienced yogis, dancers and acrobats in the industry. We even have former star performers for Cirque de Soleil, and the Big Apple Circus on our teaching staff. We offer Fri, Sat & Sun night open workout “jam times” where practitioners from different disciplines including dance, yoga and acrobatics can mix and mingle, share their skills and have fun together in an atmosphere lit up by club lights and special projection effects! We offer by-appointment personal training sessions. We also offer special fitness events and workshops on the weekends where we invite professional circus performers, internationally renowned yoga teachers, and influential fitness & health writers and practitioners to teach special skills and serve the broader community as well as supplement the overall studio experience for our members.

TCSB: What is the kind of student you are looking for?

JC: We’re looking for all ages of students who may be a bit jaded or turned-off by traditional impersonal gym machines & gym culture; we’re looking for students with an artistic and creative bent, thoughtful working professionals who like to think “outside the box,” may get easily bored or find it hard committing or focusing to just one sport or one discipline. We cater to people who might just be beginning their fitness journey but who like to dabble and try different things, as well as serious recreational acrobats and other really “fit” people who want to get to the next level in their training.

TCSB: Why did you pick Court Square?

JC: Though my previous fitness jobs I’ve gotten to know the Long Island City area quite well and have a lot of existing clients here. I’ve also watched it undergo tremendous change in the last 10- years and all the new residential towers under construction mean more potential studio members! It’s an exciting place to do business and open a new business because the transportation is so good (our location is served by 4 train lines 1 block away from the Court Sq. train station). Court Square has personality and creative energy. For instance, the building we’re in at 21-36 44th Road is still mostly occupied by artists and musicians and our studio fits right into that fabric. Next door there is a film, music and events production company. There’s a lot of synergy.

TCSB: Sounds great! How can I take a class?

JC: Drop-in anytime if you are in the area. Visit our website to view the current schedule of classes and/or events: or on Yelp to learn more about our class descriptions, instructors and to book a class. You can also see what we do by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. If you’d like to speak to us, call us at 347-670-0019 or email us at with any questions! Hope to see you soon at Cosmic Fit Club!

Cosmic Fit Club

Cosmic Fit Club recently debuted

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