Checking in at 11-39 49th Avenue

In May, we checked in at 11-39 49th Avenue and noted that construction crews had taken down some of the scaffolding that had previously covered the project.1 When we stopped by last week, we saw that facade has been revealed on the lower portion of the building, as seen in the photo below. The building permit calls for 131,342 square feet of residential space and 512 square feet of commercial space for a FAR of 4.97. It is a 12-story build that will house 194 units.2 Here’s more information on the building from City Realty.3

The tower will encompass a sizeable 131,854 square feet and will host 194 apartments, with twenty percent reserved as affordable housing. The broader floors, levels 2-9 have 21 apartments per floor but as the building ascends, the unit count begins to decrease to roughly 11 per floor. The ground level will contain an indoor recreation space, the residential lobby and a bike room.

11-39 49th Avenue

A view of 11-39 49th Avenue

11-39 49th Avenue

Rendering for 11-39 49th Avenue

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