Signage appears for Starbucks at 26-14 Jackson Avenue

In June, construction started at Starbucks at 26-14 Jackson Avenue. On Monday, signage appeared on the space, stating that the coffee shop would be “opening soon.” The picture below comes way of Amadeo Plaza. The Court Square Blog was the first to report that the coffee shop was coming to the space in May.1

A construction permit was filed on Friday, May 26, calling for the renovation of the existing retail space, including “NEW NON LOAD-BEARING PARTITION, FINISHES, LIGHTING AND ALL OTHER RELATED WORK AS PER PLANS INCLUDING MECHANICAL, PLUMBING WORK ASSOCIATED WITH PROVIDING EQUIPMENT.”2

26-14 Jackson Avenue

Signage at 26-14 Jackson Avenue

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  1. the crew was in there cleaning late last night. I asked one of the workers when they expect it to open and was told 8/11. everything including the chairs are in place and ready to go

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