Starbucks at 26-14 Jackson Avenue opens today

The first brick and mortar Starbucks in Long Island City will open its doors at 26-14 Jackson Avenue today.1

“We are excited to welcome the community,” said Starbucks Manager of Global Communications Maggie Jantzen in a previous interview with The Court Square Blog.

Permanent signage was installed recently, as seen in the photo below.

The space was formerly occupied by the sales office for the nearby Dutch LIC.

The Court Square Blog was the first to report that the coffee shop was coming to the space in May.2

26-14 Jackson Avenue

Starbucks opens today at 26-14 Jackson Avenue

One thought on “Starbucks at 26-14 Jackson Avenue opens today

  1. large space inside, makes me wonder what DUTCH LIC was doing with the rest of the space when they first occupied. Everyone is really friendly in there and so far its nice and quiet. Quite unlike your typical Starbucks experience in the rest of the city. Enjoy it while it lasts?

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