iPark opens at 43-25 Hunter Street

iPark has opened at Rockrose’s Hayden building at 43-25 Hunter Street. Signage appeared on the street earlier in the week, as seen in the photo below. Earlier in the month, construction crews did a full reveal of the first floor, peeling away a plywood fence.1 The ground floor will be the future home of a pharmacy.

Here are the day and night rates from its website:2

Up to ½ Hr 2.72 0.28 3.00
Up to 1 Hr 6.34 0.66 7.00
Up to 12 Hrs 9.97 1.03 11.00
24hrs or O/N 20.84 2.16 23.00
SUV/Vans daily add’l 4.53 0.47 5.00
Large SUV/Vans daily add’l 9.06 0.94 10.00
E/B Special:
Enter 5am-10am out by Mid. 10.87 1.13 12.00
43-25 Hunter Street

iPark has opened at 43-25 Hunter Street

43-25 Hunter Street

Inside iPark

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