Checking in at former home of 5Pointz, 22-24 Jackson Avenue

The last time we stopped by at 22-24 Jackson Avenue in June, construction at the main tower was at approximately 30 stories at the former home of 5 Pointz.1 When we stopped by last week, construction has now risen approximately another 10 stories, as seen in the first photo below. In the rear portion of the building, construction is now roughly 20 stories, as seen in the second photo.

The Department of Buildings approved permits for the site on May 6, for a 48 story build with 977,086 square feet of residential space and 39,765 feet of commercial space for a total FAR of 8.00.2 According to the on site rendering, work will complete on the site in winter, 2017.

22-24 Jackson Avenue

A western view of 22-24 Jackson Avenue

22-24 Jackson Avenue

An eastern view of 22-24 Jackson Avenue

22-34 Jackson Avenue

Rendering for 22-24 Jackson Avenue

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