Restaurant ‘Indie LIC’ applies for liquor license at 43-10 Crescent Street

Back in August, we stopped by the future home of Indie LIC at 43-10 Crescent Street and saw that construction had started inside the building. When we stopped by last week, we saw a notice that the restaurant had applied for its liquor license, as seen in the photo below.

The restaurant will be done by restaurateur Shaunna Sargent from Indie Food & Wine in Lincoln Center.1 Here’s a quote from our interview with Ms. Sargent from May:

I’ve been getting to know the area a lot. I see all of the energy here, all of the things going up, and the amount of people that are going to need great places to eat and drink in the very near future. It’s going to be crazy here in the next few years. I feel like now is a really good time to get in and I love this neighborhood. That’s why I wanted to it here. We need stuff like this. We just want to bring good vibes and delicious food, and beautiful wine and cocktails to the neighborhood that really needs it.

43-10 Crescent Street

A view inside 43-10 Crescent Street

43-10 Crescent Street

Indie LIC has applied for a liquor license

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