Signage appears for Luzzo’s Pizza at 42-60 Crescent Street

Signage has appeared for a new pizza restaurant located at The Factory House at 42-60 Crescent Street.

The eatery will be called “Luzzo’s, La Pizza Napoletana,” which is the same namesake as the restaurant located in the East Village, and will be run by Michele Iuliano.

The new pizza place is not to be confused with the owners of Levante at nearby Jackson Avenue, who are also the owners of Luzzo’s Brooklyn.

“We wish [Iuliano] luck,” Levante’s Tony D’Aiuto said of his former business partner in a statement to The Court Square Blog.

It occupies the southern retail space in the building. A dry cleaner opened on the northern retail space over the summer.1

42-60 Crescent Street

A view of 42-60 Crescent Street

42-60 Crescent Street

Signage has appeared at 42-60 Crescent Street

3 thoughts on “Signage appears for Luzzo’s Pizza at 42-60 Crescent Street

  1. That guy Michele Iualiano is the former partner of the people that just opened Levante on Jackson Avenue. They also own Luzzo’s BK in Brooklyn. Michele does not have any part opf Luzzos Bk in Brooklyn. I read online court filing last year that he stole money from his partners and doesn’t pay his sales tax. Sad to have a dishonest person coming to our neighborhood. I support Levante all the way!

  2. This is confusing news. I thought Levante was opened by the Luzzo’s people, and now there’s an actual Luzzo’s opening two blocks away?

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