Q&A with Crescent Barbershop at 42-15 Crescent Street

Crescent Barbershop opened last month at Luna LIC at 42-15 Crescent Street.1 Recently, we sat down with the owner of the barbershop to speak to him about his new business.

The Court Square Blog: How did you get into the hairstyling business?

Crescent Barbershop: One of the best things that men can do regarding their appearance is get a great haircut to match there attitude, a fresh great looking haircut can do wonders for men regarding their appearance, style, attitude, and confidence. Frankly, a haircut says a lot about a men. A haircut can increase men’s confidence and motivation because the haircut will usually generate nice responses from people related to the haircut and how the haircut makes the men look.

TCSB: Tell us more about Crescent Barbershop.

CB: We at Crescent barbershop know all of this and that is why we take pride and do the best to make our customers look good and feel great! We have been in the hairstyling business making men and children look good and feel great for over 8 years. We listen and work with each and every individual to learn and get to know the person before we start creating the perfect hairstyle.

TCSB: What kind of hairstyling do you provide?

CB: We at Crescent barbershop provide any and all haircuts and hair styles, from the basic traditional business haircut to the most up to date trendy hairstyles. We also try to keep all of our service affordable so we are only charging $15.00 for a haircut!

TCSB: What other services do you provide besides haircuts and hairstyling?

CB: In addition to haircuts and hairstyling we also do the traditional old fashion hot shave and beard trim/line ups, This tradition goes back hundreds of years and is equivalent to a spa day for women for a fraction of the Spa cost! This service provides men to come and simply relax and forget about all of the stress and worry in everyday life. lets face it, In todays world it is hard to simply relax and enjoy yourself and this service lets you do just that! When you come in for a hot shave you do not get a home style shave, you get the full service of laying down we put hot lather and place a hot towel over you to open up all of the pours and get the skin ready for a razor shave, we then continue with the shave after the shave is complete we place another hot towel followed by cucumber massage cream and professional cleansing cream that is massaged to the face for the best relaxation. This is what we like to call a pampering service! Remember we said that this is a fraction of the spa cost well this hot shave service is only $15.00! We are also currently running a promotion for a haircut and Hot shave for $28.00!

TCSB: What are your store hours and contact information?

CB: You can reach us at (718)440-9234. Our hours are from 9am- 8pm Monday thru Friday and 9am-5pm Sunday. Also, visit us on our Facebook page.

42-15 Crescent Street

A view inside 42-15 Crescent Street

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