Please help save the Secret Theatre

For ten years The Secret Theatre has brought incredible theatre, dance, music to an appreciative audience. Time Out named the theatre as one of NYC top 50 theatres, Playbill called The Secret Theatre the best theatre in Queens comparing us to BAM in Brooklyn, The St George’s Theatre in Staten Island and the Lehman Center for the Arts in the Bronx. All three of these organizations dwarf the 99 seat Secret Theatre.

The Secret Theatre is in danger of shutting its doors due to the vicissitudes of the economy, fear about ongoing funding for the arts, and general 2017 malaise. This could happen as soon as February unless the LIC and Queens community, and everyone who cares about local theater and the arts, comes together to signal their desire to keep our treasured Secret Theatre alive.

For the past decade, the Secret Theatre has brought exciting, edgy, and sometimes beloved off-off Broadway shows to Long Island City with affordable ticket prices. It has hosted the Queens New Music Festival, Queens World Film Festival, Queensboro Dance Festival, and many others. It has nurtured the talents and dreams of Queens young people–children–who want to sing, dance, act, and make films. When people who value culture think of Long Island City, they think of the Secret Theatre.

We need your help to keep providing this incredible range of activities.

If we are a succesful the funds will be used to secure the immediate and mid-term future of The Secret while we re-organize to maintain a venue that has been a cultural institution that has enriched the lives of not only the theatre loving community but has been the platform for so many new plays, directors, actors and writers.

It’s hard to put in words how grateful we will be for your support but we hope everyone we realise that you are supporting not only our dreams but the aspriations and hopes of thousands of artists. Thank you very much.

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